Sunday, February 21, 2010

guess wat?!

ima start back up doing makeup again... will start posting piks asap!

Emi"key" POETRY

heyy guys this is my new section of the blog in which i will post original poetry work written by yours truly =)

                                                           She cries
                          by EMiko Love

She cries

So deep inside

The lies

She despise

Her eyes

Cried out

Like a desert in drought

Listen to her cries

Oh how softly she dies

In the arms that surround her

The lost girl nobody found her

Heavy breathing

Lonesome grieving

Never believing she would get a way

Never seeing the time of day

Where she would be safe

No space to get away

No more overlooked shiny days

She’s gone all alone

No one home

Sun not shone

Please just leave her alone

                                  I’m an inhabitant of your love

Silk rose peddles caressing my skin

It feels as deep as the love that I wish we were in

Your touch is so lovely

As sweet a touch as when you hug me


Sweet kisses

How much I miss this

I want to be held by you

Why does everything I do seem to remind me of you?

Please caress

As much as the heart beats in my chest

Ever so fast and so slow

When you seem to have to go

Love is deep

Yet I feel incomplete

I am an inhabitant of your love

which fits me like a glove…

Destined to fall so deep with me

As though we were meant to be

You hold me so close

I feel as though I’m a ghost

Your love is my death

Even though you have not put me to the test

I want you to surround me

Feel me heal me

You’re so real to me

Just don’t trap me in your love

Because it fits me too much like a glove


Never been in love

Never felt what was left to feel

Not hurt no pain

Never left in shame

Don’t know who love is because he was never shown to me

Instead I was rough and tough

A crush was enough

To steal my heart away

To turn it into shades of gray

Scared of rejection

Scared of affection

Longing for both but not having a choice

A day is always filled with sorrows

No time or hope for tomorrows

Pain is insane

No one can ever gain

Love is darkness that I’m afraid to face

Love is the pain that I’m not strong enough to take

Love is the will that my heart hasn’t been able to heal

Love is nothing of what I have known

Love is nothing to me until I’m grown

Monday, February 8, 2010




THATS DOPE [first post]

                       "THATS DOPE" post1




BBL with more dope clothing

Sunday, February 7, 2010


hey this is a new part of my blog in which i will post trendy and affordable outfits and where to get them... look out for the "Thats dope" portion it will be coming very soon:-)